Jun 29, 2015

Prayer: May we love as you love

Prayer: May we love as you love

Here’s a prayer of commitment from Terri.  It was posted on RevGalBlogPals.

Prayer of Commitment

Holy God, before time you named us
Through time you redeem us
You call us, precious in your sight
May we love as you love.

Holy One, through the turbulent waters
Make us steady, your hands
Holding strong the fragile and weak
May we love as you love.

Gracious God, may the fruits of our lives
be food for the hungry, bread
clothing, shelter, fire, water, Word
May we love as you love.

God of justice, remove the chaff
Of our lives that keep us from
Hearing, following, Your call
May we love as you love.

Loving God, take this day our fears our
Worries, distractions, and all
Turn them into wheat, heart food
May we love as you love. 

~ written by Terri and posted on RevGalBlogPals. http://revgalblogpals.blogspot.ca/

Prayer of Confession and Commitment

Here’s a responsive prayer of commitment and confession from Rev Gord’s Worship Offerings website.

Prayer for Assurance of Grace

God of Grace, you call us to be different from the world,
but the world is seductive, and so we come here to be strengthened.
God of Vision, you hold before us an alternate way of life,
different priorities, different loyalties, different values.
But we know that the world is not only seductive but powerful,
and so we are drawn in to following its priorities,
accepting its values, showing loyalty to its gods.
God who blesses the meek, the peacemakers, the merciful,
forgive us when we lose sight of these qualities,
when we misunderstand their role in the world.

...time of silent prayer...

Rejoice and be glad!
God is gracious and God offer blessings.
God calls us to life in the world,
God offers us the chance to explore how to live out God's vision.
We are called, we are forgiven, we are blessed.
Thanks be to God. Amen.

~ posted by Rev Gord on his blog, Worship Offerings. http://worshipofferings.blogspot.ca/

Jun 8, 2015

Responsive Call to Worship: Proper 6 B

Here’s a responsive call to worship inspired by the suggested scripture readings for Proper 6, Year B.  It was written by Bruce Prewer.

Call to Worship
(inspired by Psalm 20, 2 Corinthians 5)

Some boast of their motor cars, and some of their mansions,
but we boast of the name of the Lord of hosts!
Should all else collapse in a heap,
we shall stand up tall.

Do not be impressed by the outward appearance of a person,
for God does not see like we do, but looks into the heart.
If anyone travels with Christ, there is a new creation,
old things are obsolete, all things become new.

Let us worship this God who looks into the human heart
and through Christ Jesus makes all things new.

~ written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Home Page. http://www.bruceprewer.com/

Opening Prayer: New Creation

Here’s an opening prayer from the My Redeemer Lives website.

Opening Prayer
(inspired by 2 Corinthians 5: 6-17)

Creator and Ruler of the Earth,
we lift up our voices, our eyes, our hearts,
our lives to You in praise.
Make us Your alleluia people.
Uphold the weary,
for whom praise may be very difficult.
Humble the strong, for whom "alleluia" may be too easy.

Creator and Ruler of the Earth,
continue to form us into Your new creation,
that we might welcome You to more fully become
 the ruler of our hearts and minds.

Through Him who came as a servant,
and who now reigns over all creation,
Jesus, our Christ. Amen.

~ posted on My Redeemer Lives website. http://www.myredeemerlives.com/prayers.html

Jun 2, 2015

Call to Worship: Psalm 138

Here’s a responsive call to worship inspired by Psalm 138, one of the suggested Psalms for Proper 5, Year B. It was written by Nancy C. Townley, and posted on the Ministry Matters website.

Call to Worship 
(inspired by Psalm 138)

In the times of trouble,
when all seemed hopeless, I cried out to God.
And the Lord heard my pleas and answered me.

When I felt lost and alone, I looked for God.
And God found me and brought me home.

When my life was filled with joy and blessing,
I danced and praised God.
And God danced and rejoiced with me.
Thanks be to God. Amen.

~ written by Nancy C. Townley, an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, and posted on the Ministry Matters website. http://www.ministrymatters.com/all/entry/2845/worship-connection-june-7-2015